Stand-Bot for Slack + Jira Integration

Stand-Bot for Slack helps teams run asynchronous stand-up meetings in Slack & create daily Jira status reports.

To get started with our app and begin running stand-ups in Slack, please take a look at our documentation.

1. Stand-bot for Slack


  • Click on "Authorize" to allow Stand-Bot to join your Slack workspace.

  • Add Stand-Bot to a channel and you're ready to go!

Setting up a stand-up

Once you've added Stand-Bot to your Slack workspace, you can go ahead and create a stand-up.

  • Go to the channel in which you want to setup up a stand-up and add Stand-bot.

  • He'll introduce itself and ask you if you want to configure a stand-up. Click on "Yes". 

  • Stand-bot will ask you for the time of the stand-up. He'll create the stand-up in your timezone.

  • Input the time you want to have your stand-up.

  • Select the recurrence of your stand-up. 

  • Input the username of the team's Scrum Master or type "me" if it's you.

  • If everything is okay with your configuration, click on "Yes".

  • Once you confirm, you're stand-up will be ready!

Stand-bot will send a reminder to each member of the channel to send their status once it's stand-up time.


You can fin a list of Stand-bot's commands here.

  • Channel commands

    Stand-bot responds to the following commands inside a Channel.

  • DM commands

    You can use the following commands through Direct Message with Stand-bot.

2. Jira integration


Linking your Slack workspace to your Jira instance

  • Once you've installed the app on your Jira instance, go to "Settings".

  • Click on "Add-ons".

  • Go to "Manage add-ons".

  • Click on the Standbot app to expand its details.

  • Click on "Configure" to link your Jira instance to your Slack workspace.

  • Input the name of your Slack workspace and click on "Verify Team".

Note: You should have Stand-bot already installed in your Slack workspace for this verification to work.

  • If the verification goes smoothly, you'll be taken to this screen.

  • If you installed Stand-bot on Slack, he will send you the following message through Direct Message:

Note: If someone else from your workspace installed Stand-Bot on Slack, use the command "connect-jira" through DM with Stand-bot. It will prompt the Jira connection flow.

  • Click "Yes" to confirm that you want to link Jira with your Slack workspace.

  • After clicking "Yes", Stand-bot will add a link that reads "Verify your team". Click on it.

  • You will be taken to this screen in Jira.

  • Click on "Confirm" to link Jira with your Slack workspace.

  • Once you do, you'll be able to Match your Jira projects to your #channels in Slack.

Matching Jira projects to Slack channels

  • Once you've linked Jira to your Slack workspace, you'll need to click on "Go to Settings" to link projects with stand-ups.

  • You'll be taken to this screen where you'll see all the channels in Slack with configured stand-ups. 

  • To match a Project to a Channel, open the menu on the Channel you want to configure and select the Jira project you'd like to link to it.

  • Once you're done matching Projects to Channels click on "Save". You will now be able to save your Stand-up Reports insid your Jira projects and see your Jira tickets when giving your status.

Now you'll just need to get your team to verify their accounts. 

Verifying teammates' Jira users

  • Whenever you match a Jira Project to a Slack channel with a running stand-up, the bot will send this message to the channel's members:

  • They will need to click on "Yes". Once they do, they'll see a link that reads "Verify your Jira account".

  • They need to click on it to be taken to Jira, where they will see the following screen:

  • They'll have to click on "Confirm".

  • Once they do, they'll see the following screen and will be able to see their Jira tickets when giving their stand-up status.

Seeing your Jira tickets when giving your status

Once you've verified your Jira user, you'll be able to see your Jira tickets during your stand-up.

  • Wait for the bot to ask you for your status or use the "standup" command to send it.

  • Stand-Bot will show the option to see the Jira tickets you have "Assigned", those in "To Do", and in "Done".

  • Select the type of Jira tickets you want to see first. Stand-Bot will display the 5 most recently updated in that category.

  • You can take a look at another category by clicking on it.

  • Once you've seen the categories that interest you, click on "None for now" to start typing your status.

Viewing your stand-up reports in Jira

Once you install the Jira add-on, you'll be able to view the history of your stand-up reports inside each project you linked to a channel.

  • To do so, go to a Project you've linked to a stand-up and click on "Stand-up Reports" on the left sidebar menu.

  • You will see your team's status for the day.

  • You will also be able to navigate through your stand-up history to see past reports.

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