Stand-Bot for Stride

Stand-Bot for Slack helps teams run asynchronous stand-up meetings in Stride & create daily status reports.

To get started with our app and begin running stand-ups in Stride, please take a look at our documentation.

1. Stand-bot for Stride


  • Go to Stand-bot's listing on the Atlassian Marketplace and click on "Try it free".
  • On the sidebar, go to the Apps section and click on "Add an app"

  • Select the Stand-Bot for Stride app

  • Select "Agree" to add Stand-Bot to your Room. 

  • Once Stand-Bot is installed in at least one Room of your Stride instance, you can just mention it to add it to other channels.

Setting up a stand-up

Once you've added Stand-Bot to your Stride instance, you can go ahead and create a stand-up.

  • Go to the Room in which you want to set up a stand-up and add Stand-bot by mentioning it.

  • He'll introduce itself and ask you if you want to configure a stand-up. Click on "Configure Now". 

  • You can also configure a stand-up by clicking on the Configuration icon on the sidebar.

  • You'll see the Configuration dialog open up.

  • Select the time for your stand-up.

  • Make sure to select your timezone. 

  • Choose the days you want to have a stand-up by ticking the checkbox next to them.

  • Once you click on "Save" your stand-up will be ready!

Stand-Bot will post the stand-up details in the Room for everyone to see.

Editing your stand-up's configuration

If you want to edit your current stand-up's setup, you can do so by clicking on the gear icon on the Stand-bot app in sidebar.

Stand-Bot will post a message to the Room with the updated stand-up details.

Sending your status

Once it's stand-up time, Stand-Bot will post the following message in the room:

Click on Send Status to share what you've been working on with your teammates.

You can also click on the Send Button status that is on the app's sidebar.

You will see a dialog displayed in which you will get to input what you worked on, the things you're working on, and if there are any blockers.

Once you click on the Save button, Stand-Bot will notify the team that you sent your status.

Viewing your stand-up status in the sidebar

Once you install the Jira add-on, you'll be able to view the history of your stand-up reports inside each project you linked to a channel.

  • You will see your team's status for the day.

  • You will also be able to navigate through your stand-up history to see past reports.
Note: You should have Stand-bot already installed in your Slack workspace for this verification to work.

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