TeamPulse - How to run Health checks in Jira

Run health checks with your teams in a few simple steps:

Configuring your health check survey

1) Go to your team’s Jira Project and click on “TeamPulse” on the sidebar.

This is your team’s health checks dashboard. To get started, click on the gear icon to edit the health check survey the team will respond.

2) You will see a health check template based on Spotify’s Squad Health Check Model.

Dimensions are the aspects of the team which each team member will rate the team individually. Descriptions help you provide more context so everyone can understand the dimension and what is being measured.

3) You can edit the dimensions and their descriptions to collect feedback on what you really want to measure.

4) You can add as many dimensions as you need. Once you are happy with the health check survey setup, click on “Save”.

You can edit the survey anytime, however, we recommend you consistently measure the same dimensions so you can really gauge progress on each one over time.

Creating a health check session

1) In your Dashboard, click on “Create session”.

2) Provide a name to identify this particular session and click on “Create”.

3) Your session will now appear in the Dashboard.

Collecting feedback from the team

1) Everyone on the team will need to visit the Dashboard and click on “Join” to participate in the health check.

2) Everyone will be able to fill out the health check survey individually. Participants will need to provide a vote for each dimension and leave comments if desired. Note: votes and comments are anonymous.

3) Once all dimensions have been rated, participants can click on “Submit” to save their responses.

Discussing the results & creating action items

1) Once a health check survey has responses, you will be able to click on “View Results” to see the overall score given to each dimension as well as the feedback shared by participants.

2) In the Full Summary tab you can get a quick glance of all dimensions their score, and the trend they are following. Note that having a positive trend is a good indicator that the team is improving.

3) The next step is to discuss each dimension together to share more insights and come up with action items to improve. To do this just click on “Discuss” on any dimension with which you’d like to start the discussion.