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Here is where you will find all the announcements and events for Atlassian partners.

Contact for Partnerships & Business Development:

They are listed in order of importance in each area.

Bryant Lee = VP Global Head of Partnerships - - - Is a fan of us, but quite busy. Worth looking to get coffee when visiting SF or heading to Summit.

Michael Laurichella = Director of Business Development - - - Will provide leads for custom projects and integrations to showcase at Summit.

Tony Marnell = Product Partnerships - - - Anything related to moving Trello he is our go to person.


They are listed in order of importance in marketing.

Jillian Monaghan = Product Partnerships - -

Katrina Morales = Product Marketing Manager - - - Can help with guidance on how to promote our products and opportunities for speaking engagements.


They are listed in order of importance for each product category.

Dave Meyer = Group Product Manager  - - He is in charge of several product groups inside of Atlassian. Can be a last resource to understand who to reach out to.

Amaresh Ray = Senior Product Manager - -

Ben Mackie = Engineering Leader - -

Tanguy Crusson = Senior Product Manager - -

Bentley Cook = Developer Advocate - bentley@trello.com

Lucy Denton = Senior Designer - -